MUNRO SPORTS is a sports marketing company specializing in organizing outdoor and indoor sports events for other companies, organizations or brands. Our event participants are guaranteed to have a quality experience with maximum safety and minimal impact to the natural environment.

MUNRO SPORTS started off as an Amature Social Invitational Football League (Liga Munro) that targets amateur football teams playing their trade around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The history of the league was initially an idea to have an amateur team participate in weekly matches regularly, with intent to improve and improvise professionalism, sportsmanship, teamwork and especially to promote a healthy youth living lifestyle.

After the succession of three Amature Social League (Liga Munro 2012, Liga Munro’s Knockout League 2012 & Liga Perangsang Selangor 2013) the brainchild thinktanks and backbone of Liga Munro decide upon building these illustrious positives by forming a Sports Event company hance MUNRO SPORTS was born.